Collectmaxx: Dashboard upgraded for easier monitoring

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to Collectmaxx. Our team has dedicated considerable effort to enhance the Collectmaxx dashboard, introducing features such as individual script insights and script comparison. These transformative updates empower you with greater control over your campaigns.

General dashboard overview — A dynamic hub of intelligence

We believe in the power of data-driven decisions, and that is why we redesigned the whole dashboard and its general overview. You will now be able to immerse yourself in a wealth of real-time statistics and comprehensive insights to help you optimize your collections strategy. The general overview provides daily and weekly statistics for paylinks, voice calls, SMS or email campaigns. Customize the dashboard based on the modules activated for your organization, ensuring a tailored experience that meets your specific needs.

General dashboard overview

Individual script insights — A paradigm shift in script analysis

With this new update, you will be able to uncover every detail of each script’s performance. Compare all your individual scripts at once, and see how many paid or partially paid paylinks are generated per voice message, or check how many recipients clicked on a paylink inside your email. By being able to compare your scripts, you will gain actionable insights that help you make better decisions.

Individual script insights — a paradigm shift in script analysis

Script comparison – Redefining AB testing

With script comparison, you can easily compare scripts and make impactful decisions for your campaigns. This brings AB testing to a new level. By putting your scripts side by side, you can easily decide which campaign performs better and identify what your user’s preferences are.

Script comparison - Redefining AB testing

Voice insights

From tone analysis to user engagement metrics, this feature provides detailed analytics for voice campaigns. On the voice details insights page, you’ll find extended statistics that cover every aspect of your voice calls’ success. This includes detailed performance of outbound calls and the number of calls forwarded to your call centre within a specified period.

Script comparison - Redefining AB testing

Advanced voice management

Control your campaigns with precision, leveraging data-driven insights to align your voice communication with brand goals. The high-level overview of all of your active voice scripts allows you to easily control outgoing calls, pause forwarding or remove all the scheduled voice calls with a click of a button. This is additionally enhanced by the display of the starting time of each campaign, so you can easily scan your schedule.

Advanced voice management

Voice live monitoring — refining strategies in real-time

Monitor your voice campaigns as they unfold, making instant adjustments for maximum impact. Here is a list of key statistics available for you:

  • Call attempts overview: Gain immediate insights into the number of attempts made in your voice campaigns. Understand the scale and intensity of your outreach.
  • Calls redirected to voicemail: Track how many calls are being redirected to voicemail. This insight allows you to refine your approach and increase the chances of direct engagement.
  • Remaining jobs: Stay on top of your campaign progress with real-time updates on remaining jobs. This ensures that you’re always aware of the progress.
  • Invalid phone numbers: Identify and address issues with invalid phone numbers in real time, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience.
  • Successful and unsuccessful calls: Dive into the details of call outcomes. Understand the number of successful and unsuccessful calls, providing insights for strategic adjustments.

Live monitoring graph

The live monitoring graph reflects every call that hits the mark, every engagement that unfolds, and every missed opportunity in real time. You will be able to monitor not only the Live Voice calls going out every 5 minutes, but also view overall statistics for the specific day or period. This way, you will gain immediate insights into why some calls may not have reached their destination, and understand the nuances of forwarded calls—all as it happens. Amazing right?

Voice live monitoring graph

SMS insights 

Track the pulse of your SMS campaigns with these key statistics:

  • Sent SMS overview: Get instant insights into the number of messages successfully sent. Understand the reach and impact of your campaigns at a glance.
  • Ready to be sent: monitor the number of SMS messages queued up and ready for delivery.
  • Failed to send SMS: Proactively address issues by identifying and resolving obstacles in real time, ensuring every message reaches its intended destination.

SMS live monitoring

The extensive live monitoring provides hourly updates on all SMS activities. From sent messages to those ready to be sent as well as any failures, ensuring optimal campaign performance.

SMS live monitoring

Paylink insights

This feature empowers you with the insights needed to drive revenue growth and optimize your paylinks. The list of key statistics to help you make better financial decisions for your organization includes: 

  • Revenue growth analysis: A detailed analysis of your revenue growth. Gain insights into how your paylinks contribute to your financial success, identifying growth patterns, and seizing opportunities with a strategic edge.
  • Paid or partially paid paylinks: Real-time tracking of your paylinks’ success. Understand the number of paylinks that have been fully paid and partially paid. This allows you to refine payment strategies and enhance the user experience.
  • Payment method statistics: Gain insights into payments separated by method. Understand the preferences of your users and optimize your strategies based on the most utilized payment methods.

Paylink live monitoring

The new paylink live monitoring feature provides real-time tracking of paid, partially paid, visited, or delayed paylinks. Hourly updates ensure you stay in sync with all of your financial transactions.

paylink insights

Email Insights 

Here is the list of key statistics you can observe on our insights page:

  • Sent emails overview: Gain immediate insights into the number of emails successfully sent. Understand the reach of your campaigns at a glance.
  • Opened emails monitoring: Track engagement and understand how your audience interacts with your messages, allowing you to refine your content and strategy.
  • Bounced emails tracking: Identify email delivery issues as they happen with real-time tracking of bounced emails. Address issues proactively to ensure your messages reach their intended recipients.
  • Spammed emails insights: Stay ahead of potential spam issues with insights into emails marked as spam to maintain high deliverability.

Email live monitoring

Maximize the impact of your emails with real-time monitoring of sent emails, opened emails, bounced emails, and spammed emails. Continuous monitoring ensures you’re always in control.

email insights

The power of data-driven decisions

These updates are designed to empower you with real-time insights, streamlined control, and the ability to make data-driven decisions effortlessly. Improve your campaign strategies, refine your communication, and enjoy the success. 

About Collectmaxx

Collectmaxx is our payment reminder service designed to expedite the settlement of unpaid bills with ease and cost-efficiency. Empowering your collections department, Collectmaxx offers a suite of automated tools that engage debtors effectively, resulting in clear communication, reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and increased revenue.  To learn more about what Collectmaxx can do for your business, get in touch with our Revenue Geeks for a free consultation. 

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alphacomm is committed to sustainable business practices ecovadis
alphacomm is pci-dss compliant

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